Tunisia Summit is a Tunisian organization dealing with Oil and Gas Technical and Scientific Conferences. It is bracing itself to celebrate its 10th edition of Tunisia Oil & Gas Summit in 2021. It has made a bright name and resounding success through the 9 last conferences. Thus, Tunisia Oil and Gas Summit aims at carrying on this path and meeting the hydrocarbon sector expectations by hosting key persons, tackling controversial topics, and affording a pleasant atmosphere of interaction and network.

The organization team is pleased to devote all their time in organizing and fulfilling these summits wishing that the forthcoming event will be more successful and will contribute to the development and the prosperity of the hydrocarbon field. TOGS committee is composed of experienced and motivated professionals from the oil and gas industry whose sole and only goal is to boost this leading production and afford a platform wherein participants can interact and share their experiences.

TOG Summit has hosted National and International Speakers who have a long experience in this field. They are proficient and knowledgeable about the Oil and Gas Production in Tunisia as well abroad. Their Know-how allows the participants to avail themselves of these propitious moments of knowledge and communication.

TOGS guests are a caucus of different operating, consultant and service provider companies. They are well-informed and they have the sense of sociability and collaboration. They are taking part to launch fruitful debates and discuss controversial issues, set up mutual partnership and consolidate business contacts.

TOGS committee ensures that the upcoming events will be more productive and valuable and we will endeavour to make all the conferences meet all the participants’ expectations.