Hammamet is the deep blue azure sea; it is the huge white sand beaches, the blue sky, sun, palm trees and fragrant orchards of orange, bergamot and Seville orange. It is the flowers of jasmine and orange. It is a beautiful resort with its luxury hotels, night clubs, bars, restaurants. A new resort has emerged, alongside the old, South- Hammamet, or better yet, Yasmine-Hammamet, Tunisia tourism jewel.

In the beginning, Georges Sebastian, Romanian millionaire, lets himself charmed by the place and built a sumptuous villa in the style of the country, one of the finest architectural achievements. Americans are subjugated in turn: John and Violet Hensen. And global celebrities: André Gide, Roger Martin du Gard, Georges Bernanos, Paul Klee, Frank Lloyd Wright … Marshal Rommel made the city his headquarters .. Other celebrities settled in Hammamet, after Jean-Claude Pascal.

In 1959, the Sebastian property, acquired by the Tunisian State, became the International Cultural Centre which takes place every summer, the International Festival of Hammamet, prestigious event with the participation of luminaries from the worlds of music, dance and Theatre …

If Hammamet has no grand monuments, the medina is full of character. The visitor will not remain insensitive to the charm of its narrow streets and intimate atmosphere that surrounds it, or under the benevolent smile and friendly people.

The walls of the medina are pierced by three gates. Kasbah date from the fifteenth century. It was built on the site of a twelfth century. It is a great vantage point from which you can admire the entire city. It has installed a charming café. In the hotel zone, there are the ruins of the ancient city of Pupput where you can admire the remains of the most beautiful houses, with private baths, mosaics …

is the new integrated resort. Luxury hotels, bungalows, residences … A total accommodation capacity of 25,000 beds. A Medina, with amusement parks and entertainment centers, has been built in full conformity with the old medina. The resort has a beautiful marina of 700 rings.
Found in the area of Hammamet, two golf courses. Some hotels have wonderful health spas.