Preliminary Programme

Opening Round Table

  • Tunisian Energy Sector Outlook
  • Energy Transition in Tunisia: Challenges and Perspectives
  • Exploration Perspectives

Keynote Session 2: Exploration & Development Projects Overview

  • Legislation for Underexplored Area
  • How to Better Promote Open Area
  • Special Focus on Marginal Fields
  • New Technology for Production Enhancement
  • Improvement in Reservoir Stimulation

Keynote Session 3: Operation Excellence Framework

  • Managing Change
  • Increasing Efficiency and Optimizing Productivity – without Compromising Reliability, Safety, and Compliance

Keynote Session 4: How Digital Transformation is Shaping the Future of The Oil &Gas Industry?

Keynote Session 5: Joint Ventures: Challenges & Options for Success.

Keynote Session 6: Energy Sector Legislation & Governance

Keynote Session 7: Leadership & Change Management in the Oil & Gas Sector

  • Leadership Role in Shaping the Future of the Oil & Gas Sector.
  • Innovation Skills

Keynote Session 8: Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Keynote Session 9: Energy Sector: Leadership and Human Capital Management

  • Talent Management
  • Leadership
  • Women in Energy
  • Collaboration with Universities
  • Organization Effectiveness and Decision Making Process
  • Values; Cultures and behavior