Programme 2019 

Day 1: Thursday September 26th, 2019

  • 15:00 Welcoming Participants & Registration
    Opening Ceremony
  • 17:00 Safety Induction
  • 17:05 Welcome Address
    Mr. Slim FERIANI, Minister “The Ministry of Industry & SMEs”
  • 17:30 Opening Roundtable
    Moderator: Mr. Wassim BEN LARBI, Radio Host & Producer “Express fm”
     Requirements for a Successful Energy Transition in Tunisia
    Mr. Kamel BENNACEUR, Former Minister “Ministry of Industry, Energy & Mines”
     Opportunities & Challenges for the Energy Industry
    Mr. Ahmed ATALLAH, VP & Country Chair “Shell Tunisia Upstream”
     Regulator as a platform: How Regulators and Policy Makers Can Build New Digitally Enables Business Models to Efficiently Run Oil and Gas Industry
    Mr. Ali AL-MUJAINI, Chairman & CEO “Target Group” The Digital Energy Era: How Digital is Transforming Energy Sector?
    Dr. Mongi MARZOUG, Former Minister “Ministry of Energy & Mines”
     The Hydrocarbon Sector: Reality, Challenges & Opportunities
    Mr. Mohamed Ali KHELIL, President & CEO “ETAP”
  • 19:25 Honorary Professional Recognition Awards
  • 19:30 Cocktail
  • 20:30 Dinner


Day 2: Friday September 27th, 2019

  • 09:00 10-minute HSSE Session: Mr. Abdellatif ABDELKEFI, HSE Manager “Shell Tunisia Upstream”
  • 09:10 Roundtable 2: Energy Sector Legislation & Governance
    Moderator: Mr. Kamel BENNACEUR, Former Minister “Ministry of Industry, Energy & Mines”
     Oil and Gas Governance Challenges, Can We Improve in order to Attract Investment?
    Mr. Hichem MANSOUR, Chairman “HOSN Energy Consulting”
     Evaluating the Impact of Fiscal Incentives for Frontier Areas under Stochastic Prices
    Mr. Akil ZAIMI, Consultant The Place of Governance in the Energy Transition in Tunisia
    Mr. Ezzedine KHALFALLAH, International Energy Consultant
  • 10:10 Keynote Session 1: Development Projects Overview
    Chairmen: Mr. Wilhelm SACKMAIER, General Manager “OMV”
    Mr. Chokri CHIBOUB, Miskar Subsurface & PT Team Leader “Shell Tunisia Upstream LTD” Six Years of Dedicated Exploration in Tunisia: Making Up the Balance
    Mr. Edward VAN KERSBERGEN, CEO “Mazarine Energy”
     Zarat Development Project
    Mr. Mohamed BOUGACHA, Senior Project Engineer “ETAP” Successful Water Flooding Management in Complicated Structure and Heterogeneous Multilayer Nezzazat Reservoir Through Production Data Advanced Classical Approach in Gulf of Suez, Egypt
    Mr. Islam ZEWAIN, Senior Reservoir Engineer “Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO)”
  • 11:10 Coffee Break
  • 11:25 Keynote Session 2: Leadership in the Energy Industry
    Chairmen: Ms. Radhia BEN JEMIA, Senior Project Manager “OMV”
    Mr. Yassine MESTIRI, Oil & Gas Manager “STUDI International” Attracting & Retaining Top Talents in the Oil & Gas
    Mr. Ahmed HAMZA, VP HR “Shell Tunisia Upstream” Global Trends and Leadership Role in Shaping Tomorrow
    Mr. Ismail HAZNEDAR, Strategist and Certified Management Consultant Awakening Diversity in the Energy Sector: a Key Point to Achieve Growth and Development
    Ms. Fatma M’SELMI, Founder “Laur’us Consulting”
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:30 Keynote Session 3: Exploration & Perspectives
    Chairmen: Ms. Rania MARZOUGUI, E&P Director “General Directorate of Hydrocarbons”
    Mr. Mustapha HADDAD, Independent Consultant Cyrenaican Miocene Rocks & their Analogues along Offshore Sirt Basin, and Sabrata – Gabes Trend in View of the Egyptian Zohr Discovery in the Mediterranean Sea
    Mr. Salah S. EL- EKHFIFI, Geologist “Libya National Oil Corporation”
     Niger: New Emerging Petroleum Country
    Mr. Boubé HAMANI, Director of Exploration & Production of Hydrocarbons “Ministry of Petroleum Niger”
     New Regional Mapping Results of Silurian & Devonian Source Rocks in Ghadames Basin: Application for the Unconventional Resources Estimation
    Ms. Olaa JEDIDI, Exploration Geophysicist “ETAP” Applying Benchmarking Techniques in Assessing Near Field Potential
    Mr. Bilel TAKTAK, Reservoir Engineer “Shell Tunisia Upstream”
  • 15:50 Coffee Break
  • 16:05 Keynote Session 4: How Digital Transformation is Shaping the Future of The Oil & Gas Industry?
    Chairmen: Mr. Renaud LANEYRIE, General Manager “Mazarine Energy”
    Ms. Imen BOUYAHYA, Geoscience Engineer “ETAP”
     Digital Transformation and Innovation in Oil and Gas Sector
    Mr. Tarek HAJEM, Digital & IT Expert “Groupe HLi”
     The Digital Era Project Leaders
    Mr. Ahmed ABDESSALEM, Project Management Consultant & Founder “Drina Consulting” Value of Information Analysis and Bayesian Inversion for Decision Making in the Oil & Gas
    Mr. WASSIM SAYEB, Geophysicist “Shell Tunisia Upstream”
    17:05 Keynote Session 5: Collaboration with Universities
    Chairmen: Mr. Kamel BEN BOUBAKER, Exploration Department Coordinator “ETAP”
    Mr. Hédi NEGRA, Professor “University of Tunis El Manar” The Zebbag Reservoir in the Gulf of Gabes: Comparison with Outcropping Analogues and Updated Petrophysical Evaluation
    Ms. Jihen BEN ALLOUCH, Student Engineer “University of Tunis El Manar”
     Evaluation of the Prospectivity of the Hammon Structure, Gulf of Gabes
    Ms. Ghofrane LAOUINI, Student Engineer “University of Tunis El Manar”
  • 20:00 Gala Dinner

Day 3: Saturday September 28th, 2019

  • 09:00 10-minute HSSE Session: Ms. Houda HAJ KACEM, Environmental & Energy Management Representative “OMV”
  • 09:10 Roundtable 3: Joint Ventures: Challenges & Options for Success
     Journey To Develop a World Class Environment for Effective Joint Venture in TunisiaPanel Lead: Mr. Khaled BECHEIKH, Former CEO & President “ETAP” & Consultant (tbc)
    Roundtable Guests: Government Representatives/ Operators/ JVs
  • 11:10 Coffee Break
  • 11:25 Keynote Session 6: Technology & Innovation
    Chairmen: Mr. Chahine BAHRI, Production Manager “OMV”
    Ms. Sirine TAJER, Managing Director “MENA Energy Partners” First Propped Frac Height Characterization Application in NAF Using Sonic Scanner
    Ms. Nasrine BENDALI AMOR, Petrophysicist “Schlumberger” Coiled Tubing Drilling Part of the Drilling Process, A Step Change in Wells Deliveries
    Mr. Youssef CHAARI, Project Manager “Schlumberger” Innovative & Cost-Effective Techniques in Well Barrier Management
    Mr. Ghassen YAHYAOUI, Production Technologist “Shell Tunisia Upstream” How Did We Get Here: Improving Recovery Factor with ESP Standard Instrumentation
    Mr. Mohammed EL GINDY, Artificial Lift Domain Champion North Africa “Schlumberger”
  • 12:45 Closing Ceremony
  • 13:00 Lunch