Summit Day One: Thursday September 29th, 2016

15:00 Check-In in the Radisson Blu Resort & Thalasso Hamammet

15:30 Registration

Opening ceremony

17:00 Safety Instructions

17:05 Welcome Addresses

  •  Ms. Héla CHEIKHROUHOU, Minister “Ministry of Energy, Mines & Renewable Energy”

17:35 Opening Round Table

Moderator :

  • Mr. Nejib ZAAFARANI, International Senior Executive Advisor
  1. Oil Market Rebalancing: Where do we Stand?
    Mr. Enrique MORALES, Associate “SGS Horizon”
  2. The New Oil and Gas Market Reality and Its Impact on Organizations
    Mr. Belgacem CHARIAG, President of Global Operations “Baker Hughes”
  3. The Root Causes of the Drastic ETAP Oil & Gas Production Decline in the Last 5 years and the Main ETAP Strategic Axes
    Mr. Yassine MESTIRI, Vice-President “ETAP
  4. Mega Mergers: Drivers, Risks, Process Complications, How Real is Value, Success Factors and Imperatives.
    Mr. Belgacem CHARIAG, President of Global Operations “Baker Hughes”
  5. Tunisian Energy Sector: Potential Sources of Financing?
    Ms. Sirine TAJER, Managing Director “MENA Energy Partners”


19:00 Honorary Professional Recognition Awards

19:10 Presentation of the Summit Agenda

Exhibition Opening
19:20 Cocktail

20:00 Dinner

Summit Day Two: Friday September 30th, 2016

09:00 Keynote Session 2: Exploration Potential & Opportunities in Tunisia
  • Dr. Trent REHILL, President “Winstar Tunisia BV.”
  • Mr. Jamel LAZREG, General Manager “Medco Energi”
  1. The Importance of Assumptions Used in the Estimation, Classification and Categorization of Reserves and Resources
    Mr. Enrique MORALES, Associate “SGS Horizon”
  2. Digital Rock Physics for Improvement of Enhanced Oil Recovery
    Dr. Mohamed SASSI, Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering   “Masdar Institute- UAE”
  3. Application of Seismic Attributes and Its Contribution in Identifying New Prospects in ISIS Field
    Mr. Walid MAHMOUDI, Geophysicist Engineer “ETAP”
  4. Petroleum Potential Open Acreage CHAFFAR
    Ms. Neila MILOUDI, Geophysicist “ETAP”

10:30 Keynote Session 3: Unconventional Resources Development: Experiences in North Africa


  • Mr. Ali CHINE, General Manager “Circle Oil”
  • Mr. Naoufel GHARIENI, General Manager “Cooper Energy”
  1.  Frasnian Shale Depositional Model, EKA1
    Mr. Paddy THOMPSON, Project Geologist “Anadarko Tunisia”
  2. Seismic Inversion for Lithology Mapping and Fracture Characterization
    Mr. Abderaouf HADDOUCHE, Reservoir Geophysicist “Schlumberger”

11:15 Coffee Break Served in the Exhibition Area

11:30 Keynote Session 4: Drilling, Completion & Well Interventions
  • Mr. Mongi AZOUZ, Minister Adviser “DGE”
  • Ms. Besma SELLAMI, Well Engineering Team Leader “BG Tunisia”
  1. Wellbore Productivity- Right Selection for Production Enhancement
    Mr. Kacem SADAT, Sales Manager “Schlumberger”
  2. Cost Effective Production Enhancement Solutions: The Case of Rigless ESP Deployment in Challenging Conditions
    Dr. Karim BEN BOUBAKER, Tunisia Manager “Baker Hughes”
  3. Innovative Internal Casing Patch Using an Inflatable Element, as a Remedial Solution
    Mr. Mohamed GABY, Algeria Country Manager “Saltel Industries”

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Keynote Session 5: How Technology Could Improve the Economic Margin in the Current Oil Price Situation?
  • Mr. Hammouda BOUBAKER, Deputy General Manager “CFTP”
  • Mr. Fethi GHADDAB, Consultant
  1. Fit for Purpose Pipelines Integrity Management System in a Mature Field
    Mr. Nabil ABDELKEFI, Operations Manager “Perenco Tunisia”
  2. Field Development and Enhanced Recovery
    Mr. Hamid HADDOU, LWD Petrophysics and Well Placement Domain Champion “Schlumberger”
  3. Application of Novel Technologies to Improve Drilling and Oil Recovery
    Mr. Cedric ROUATBI, Africa Sales & Marketing Director “Baker Hughes”
15:45 Coffee Break Served in the Exhibition Area
16:00 Keynote Session 6: Collaboration with Universities: Current R&D in Tunisia in Relation with Oil & Gas


  • Mr. Hédi NEGRA, Professor “Tunis El Manar University”
  • Mr. Ali GAAYA, International E&P Consultant
  1. Comparative Study Between Gas Lift and Electric Submersible Pump Used in the Neem Field, Southern Soudan
    Ms. Amani BEN HMIDENE, Student Engineer “Tunis El Manar University”
  2. The Main Potential Layers Within the Aptian Reservoir in the Gulf of Hammamet
    Ms. Rim JERIDI, Student Engineer “Tunis El Manar University”
  3. Characterization and Evaluation of the Reinèche Reservoir in Cercina Field
    Mr. Mohamed Anouar CHAARI, Student Engineer “Tunis El Manar University”

18:00-19:00 Yoga Session

20:00 Gala Dinner

Summit Day Three: Saturday October 01st, 2016

09:00 Keynote Session 7: HSSE Challenges


  • Mr. Bernhard SCHLAGER, General Manager “OMV”
  • Mr. Faycel KHROUF, General Manager “TPS”
  1. Safety in the Oil and Gas Sector: Status, Benchmarking and Opportunities for Improvement
    Mr. Nejib AMMOUS, Safety Senior Expert
  2. Security Incident in Oil & Gas Field: “Ain Amenas” Incident, Case Study & Lessons Learned
    Mr. Issam EL MELAH, Executive Manager “Business Shield”
  3. Toward an Effective Safety Culture
    Ms. Souhir MESSAOUDI, HSSE Manager “Wireline Well Services Tunisia”

10:15 Keynote Session 8: Legal Frame for Shale Oil & Gas Development Project


  • Mr. Naoufel KHABTHANI, Deputy General Manager “SMIP”
  • Ms. Radhia BEN JEMIA, GM Advisor “OMV”
  1. Unitization: from Conventional to Unconventional Exploitation
    Ms. Imen JABLOUNE, Jurist “ETAP”
  2. The Contract Terms: Objectives & Case Studies
    Ms. Anissa MAJEBRI, Business Service Manager “Wood Group”

11:30 Coffee Break Served in the Exhibition Area

11:45 Keynote Session 9: New Development Projects


  • Mr. Jamil HAMZA, General Manager “Ecumed”
  • Mr. Ahmed BASSALAH, General Manager “SOLARTECH-SUD”
  1. New Development Projects in Tunisia
    Ms. Sirine TAJER, Managing Director “MENA Energy Partners”
  2. What Everyone Working on Projects Must Know (To Keep the Project on Schedule)
    Mr. Herve BARON, Tendering Director “PROSERNAT”
  3. Making Better Appraisal & Development Decisions: Using Decision Risk Analysis & Value of Information
    Mr. Pete NAYLOR, Head of Decision Risk Analysis “BG Group”

13:00 Closing Remarks & Discussion

Awards Ceremony

13:15 Lunch

TOG Summit wishes all delegates fruitful work and success and is certain that The 6th TOGS 2016 will provide an excellent platform for the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships and business contacts.

Tunisia Oil & Gas Summit