Summit Day One: Thursday September 19th, 2013

15:00 Check-In in the RUSSELIOR Hotel & SPA Hamammet

15:30 Registration
We kindly ask you to reach our stand in the lobby to collect your personnel badge and your participant pack that includes the summit program and catalogue.

Opening ceremony

17:30 Safety Instructions

17:35 Welcome Addresses:

Mr. Rachid BEN DALY, Energy General Manager « DGE »
Mr. Mohamed AKROUT, President & CEO “ETAP”
Mr. Saad CHEIKH SAAD BOUH, General Manager “SMH”
Mr. Reinhard OSWALD, General Manager “OMV”
Mr. Sandro GRUTTADAURIA, General Manager “ENI”
Mr. Glynn ELLIS, Exploration Manager “Shell”

18:30 Opening Session: The Main Strategies of the International Oil Industry

Speaker: Mr. Francis PERRIN, President `Stratégies et Politiques Energétiques´

Abstract : The international oil industry operates in an environment which has significantly changed over the past few years…. Read More…

Presentation of the Summit Agenda

Exhibition Opening


19:30 Dinner

Summit Day Two: Friday September 20th, 2013

08:00 Breakfast

08:45 Keynote Session 1: Unconventional Resources
Topic 1-1: Shale Oil and Shale Gas “Unconventional” Resources: The Global Potential

Speaker: Mr. Glynn ELLIS, Exploration Manager “Shell”
Abstract: Today, the world is short of energy. By far, Shell’s biggest contribution to society is in providing options of energy supply (oil, gas) to meet the world needs for economic growth and development… Read More…

Topic 1-2: An Unconventional Bonanza – Tight Oil and Shale Gas Engineering

Speaker: Dr. Barry STEVENS, President & CEO “TBD America, Inc”
Abstract: The impact of U.S. tight oil and shale gas and Canadian oil sands is setting off a chain reaction in the market from top to bottom. Investments, refining, storage, trade… Read More…

Areas covered include:

  • Natural Gas Properties
  • Fracture Dynamics
  • Fracture Conductivity
  • Modeling
  • Completion
  • Performance
Topic 1-3: Can the US model be applied in North Africa?

Speaker: Mr. Vasili NICOLETOPOULOS, General Manager “Natural Resources GP”
Abstract: The presentation is scheduled to be along the following outline: Read More…

Topic 1-4: Engineering Integration for Shale Reservoirs Assessment: Shale Plays in Algeria

Speaker : Mr. Reda TARABET, Unconventional Resources Manager – NAG “Schlumberger”
Abstract: Shale gas has gained significant importance to petroleum exploration, appraisals, development and production planning. Read More…

10:25 Coffee Break Served in the Exhibition Area

10:40 Keynote session 2: Reservoir Evaluation
Topic 2-1: An Integrated Formation Evaluation Approach to characterize Shale Resource Plays

Speaker : Ms. Angie GUZMAN, Product Line Manager (Geology Services) “Baker Hughes”
Abstract: As shale resource plays are gaining economic importance worldwide, the need for an integrated analysis to help operators better understand and produce from complex shale reservoirs has become vital. Read More…

Topic 2-2: Better Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization, Time Saving and Cost Control by Means of Advanced ‘Real Time’ Cuttings Analysis

Speaker : Mr. Ramzi AMRI, Chief Operations Geologist “ ENI Tunisia”
Abstract: Unconventional and mainly shale gas reservoirs are becoming more and more attracting in North Africa. Read More…

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Keynote Session 3: Drilling & Well Interventions
Topic 3-1: SureTrak Steerable Drilling Liner Technology

Speaker : Mr. Mohamed KHARRAT, Drilling & Evaluation coordinator “Baker Hughes”
Abstract: The Baker Hughes SureTrak™ steerable drilling liner service makes it possible to drill through trouble zones while reducing the time and risk in drilling and completing a well. The principle consists in drilling, evaluating, and placing a liner to total depth (TD) in a single run to mitigate risk and greatly lower non-productive time (NPT). Read More…

Topic 3-2: Multistage Open Channel Fracturing – Improving Completions Efficiency in Bir Ben Tartar Field, Tunisia

Speaker : Mr. Taner BATMAZ, Stimulation Domain Manager “Schlumberger”
Abstract: The Bir Ben Tartar (BBT) Concession is 86,981 gross acres and located onshore in the far southern region of Tunisia bordering with Libya to the east, approximately 100 kilometers southeast of the Mediterranean Sea shoreline. Read More…

14:50 Coffee Break Served in the Exhibition Area

15:05 Keynote Session 4: Enhancement in Oil & Gas Recovery
Topic 4-1: Sand Production Prediction and Mitigation

Speaker : Mr. Chahine BAHRI, Production Technology Team Leader “BG Tunisia”
Abstract: The presentation will touch base on the sand production prediction within the sand stone type of formation, and the different ways to mitigate it once it happens. Read More…

Topic 4-2: Harmonic Mitigation Project in TPS: Reduce Energy Consumption and Increase ESP Lifetime

Speaker : Mr. Ahmed BOUJELBEN, Electric & Instrumentation Engineer “Thyna Petroleum Services”
Abstract: The quality of electrical power is of increasing concern globally due to the proliferation of non linear electronic loads. Read More…

19:30 Gala Dinner

Summit Day Three: Saturday September 21st, 2013

08:00 Breakfast

08:45 Keynote session 5: HSE Challenges
Topic 5-1: The Unconventional Oil and Gas Regulation and Policy Relating to Local Environmental Impacts and Climate Change

Speaker: Dr. Barry STEVENS, President & CEO “TBD America, Inc”
Abstract: This discussion reviews the responsibilities of regulatory agencies, which extend to enhanced oil and gas projects that can have a substantial impact on water resources. Read More…

Topic 5-2: A Health & Safety Reality Check

Speaker: Mr. Paul BURNS, General Manager & CEO “C/B Safety Service Ltd”
Abstract: The presentation is a no holds barred account hence ‘The H&S Reality Check’ which gives a visual and harrowing account of the culture and chain of events on the day leading up to and the accident itself. Read More…

Topic 5-3: The Approach and Practical Aspects of Incident Analysis as a Learning Tool

Speaker: Mr. Hassen HAJ KACEM, General Manager “Amen HSEQ Consultancy”
Abstract: In the management of HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment), incidents and accidents are often seen more as a failure than as an opportunity for learning. Read More…

09:45 Keynote Session 6: Corporate Social Responsibility
Topic 6-1: Partnering with the Communities

Speaker: Mr. Abdel Hafidh CHAIBI, CSR Advisor “OMV”
Abstract: Resourcefulness is OMV’s way of achieving profitable growth in a sustainable and responsible way. Read More…

10:10 Coffee Break Served in the Exhibition area

10:25 Keynote Session 7: The Hydrocarbon Legislation and Standards
Topic 7-1: Overview of the Petroleum Fiscal Landscape in Tunisia

Speaker: Mr. Naceur YAICH, Certified Public Accountant
Abstract:This topic will include 3 units:Read More…

Topic 7-2: Some Guidelines to Build an Economic Model for Tunisia

Speaker: Mr. Akil ZAIMI, Petroleum Economist Consultant
Abstract: The presentation will deal with all the steps to create an economic model for a concession type agreement and a production sharing agreement starting from: Read More…

11:05 Keynote Session 8: New Development Projects in Tunisia
Topic 8-1: Nawara, Bir Ben Tartar, Cosmos, Golf of Gabes, Isis Development Projects

Speaker: Mr. Yassine MESTIRI, Central Director “ETAP”
Abstract: ETAP is managing presently with its partners some new projects without considering STGP (South Tunisia Gas Project) that had been merged with Nawara development. Read More…

11:30 Closing Session: The Economic Impact of Liquid Rich Shale and Shale Gas Exploration in Tunisia

Speaker: Mr. Andrew TESSLER, Associate Director “Oxford Economics”
Mr. Zouhair El KADHI, Chief Economist “Tunisian Institute of Competiveness and Quantitative Studies”
Abstract: This report quantifies the economic impact of liquid rich shale and shale gas exploration in Tunisia. Read More…

11:55 Closing Remarks & Discussion

Awards Ceremony

12:30 Lunch & Close of the TOGS

TOG Summit wishes all delegates fruitful work and success and is certain that The 3rd TOGS 2013 will provide an excellent platform for the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships and business contacts.

Tunisia Oil & Gas Summit