Summit Day One: Thursday September 25th, 2014

15:00 Check-In in the RUSSELIOR Hotel & SPA Hamammet

15:30 Registration

Opening ceremony

17:30 Safety Instructions

17:35 Welcome Addresses:

  • Mr. Kamel BEN NACEUR, Minister of Industry, Energy & Mines
  • Mr. Ridha BOUZOUADA, General Manager “DGE”
  • Mr. Mohamed AKROUT, President & CEO “ETAP”
  • Mr. Michel PICK, General Manager “DNO”
  • Mr. Bernhard SCHLAGER, General Manager “OMV”

18:00 Opening Panel Session


  • Mr. Ezzeddine KHALFALLAH, President “ATPG”
  • Mr. Mongi AZZOUZ, Deputy General Manager “TPS”
  1. Corporate Governance of the Energy Sector & Sustainability
    Mr. Nejib ZAAFRANI, Independent Senior Executive Advisor
  2. Impacts of Political Changes on Oil & Gas Industry
    Mr. Francis PEERIN, President “Stratégies et Politiques Énergétiques”
  3. Tunisian Energy Strategy
    Yassine MESTIRI, Central Production Manager “ETAP” & Member of the Tunisian Energy Task Force

18:45 Presentation of the Summit Agenda

Exhibition Opening

19:10 Cocktail

19:30 Dinner

Summit Day Two: Friday September 26th, 2014

08:00 Breakfast

08:45 Keynote Session 2: Economics in Shale Gas Development Reserves


  • Mr. Ali CHINE, Tunisia Country Manager “Circle Oil”
  • Mr. Jalel SMAOUI, Exploration Manager “ETAP”
  1. Unconventional Prospectivity Challenges of Jordan
    Mr. Hazim AL RAMINI, Director of Petroleum & Oil Shale “Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources – Jordan”.
  2. Potential Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources in Tunisia and Main reasons to join the “Shale Revolution”
    Mr. Ali GAAYA, Hydrocarbon E&P International Consultant
09:55 Keynote Session 3: Exploration Potential & Challenges in Tunisia


  • Mr. Naoufel GHARIENI, General Manager “Cooper Energy”
  • Mr. Wak KANI, Exploration Manager “ Larsen Oil & Gas”
  1. Unconventional Potential: Can the Transformation of the United States Energy Balance be Repeated?
    Mr. Michael HOFFMANN, Exploration Manager “Anadarko”
  2. Hydrocarbon prospectively in North Eastern Offshore Tunisia
    Ms. Hiba LATIRI, Geophysics Engineer “ETAP”
  3. Onshore and Offshore Tunisia Grabens, High Potential for Hydrocarbon Prospectivity
    Mr. Monem HAMZAOUI, Exploration Geophysicist “ETAP”

11:10 Coffee Break Served in the Exhibition Area

11:25 Keynote session 4: Technology & Innovation in Oil & Gas Industry


  • Dr. Trent REHILL, President “Winster BV.”
  • Mr. Faycel KHROUF, General Manager “TPS”
  1. Surface / Shallow Water Technologies and Innovations
    Mr. Guillaume DURIEZ, Area Manager “FMC Technologies SA”
  2. Improve ESP operational flexibility in dynamic well conditions
    Mr. Karim BEN BOUBAKER, Tunisia Operations Manager “Baker Hughes”
12:15 Keynote session 5: Financing Upstream Activities


  • Mr. Mongi HAFFOUZ, General Manager “Gulfsands”
  1. Financing Upstream Activities
    Mr. Nejib Zaafrani, Independent Senior Executive Advisor

12:40 Lunch

14:00 Keynote Session 6: Mature Fields Development


  • Ms. Cherifa SAKHER, Exploration Manager “Repsol”
  • Mr. Ridha HAMMAMI, Operations Manager “ETAP”
  1. Sabria Field – Unlocking reserves through understanding
    Mr. Paul GRECH, Geology Senior Advisor “Winstar Tunisia BV.”
    Mr. Kais ADDALA, Geologist “Winstar Tunisia BV.”
  2. Offshore Mature Field
    Mr. Chahine BAHRI, , Consultant Production Technologist “BG Tunisia”
15:00 Keynote Session 7: Advances in Reservoir Engineering


  • Ms. Radhia BEN JEMIA, General Manager Advisor “OMV”
  • Mr. Naoufel KHABTHANI, Deputy General Manager “SMIP”
  1. Dynamics of low resistivity pay reservoirs in the Silurian age; Experience and challenge in Acacus formation of North Africa
    Dr. Ahmed MOGE ALI, North Africa Reservoir Domain Champion “Schlumberger”
  2. Geomechanics Applications and Geological Subtleties in Shale Reservoirs
    Dr. Gavin MC AULAY, Business Development Manager “Baker Hughes”

15:50 Coffee Break Served in the Exhibition Area

16:05 Keynote Session 8: Drilling, Completion and Well Interventions


  • Mr. Jamil HAMZA, Deputy General Manager “Ecumed”
  • Mr. Hammouda BOUBAKER, Deputy General Manager “CFTP”
  1. Smart Completion Wells, The Future Oil Fields Management Solution – I Fields
    Ms. Salma CHAABANI, Completions Manager “Baker Hughes”
  2. Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Project on Bir Ben Tartar Oil Field, Tunisia
    Ms. Maaidatulakmaam HAZMAN, Senior District Technical Engineer “ Schlumberger”

19:30 Gala Dinner

Summit Day Three: Saturday September 27th, 2014

08:00 Breakfast

08:45 Keynote session 9: Health, Safety, Security and Environment


  • Mr. Bernhard SCHLAGER, General Manager “OMV”
  • Mr. Naoufel AISSA, General Manager “Vivo Energy”
  1. How can we profit from High Potential Incidents?
    Ms. Barbara OBERHAUSER, HSSE Manager “OMV”
  2. Keeping DROPS at the Forefront of the Business
    Mr. Allen SMITH, Drops Global Facilitator & Educator
09:45 Keynote session 10: Legal, Fiscal System and Contracts


  • Mr. Ridha BOUZOUADA, General Manager “DGE”
  • Mr. Habib ZGOLLI, General Manager “Ministry of Industry, Energy & Mines”
  1. Mechanisms of Production Sharing Contract
    Mr. Jameleddine KASBI, Business Development Portfolio Expert “OMV”
  2. Legal & Fiscal System for the Unconventional Resources
    Dr. Carole NAKHLÉ, Director “Crystol Energy”

11:10 Coffee Break Served in the Exhibition area

11:25 Keynote Session 11: Oil & Gas Investments and Projects


  • Mr. Michel PICK, General Manager “DNO”
  • Mr. Lotfi FOURATI, Vice President Exploration “Storm Ventures”
  1. The Abandon of OUEDHNA Concession
    Mr. Cherif BEN KHELIFA, General Manager“Lundin”
  2. Update on Nawara Project
    Mr. Christopher OWEN COX, Head of Project Department “OMV”
  3. Technology Solutions for the Digital Oil Field
    Mr. Ridha ABID, Business Development Manager « Weatherford »

12:20 Closing Remarks & Discussion

Awards Ceremony

13:00 Lunch

TOG Summit wishes all delegates fruitful work and success and is certain that The 4th TOGS 2014 will provide an excellent platform for the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships and business contacts.

Tunisia Oil & Gas Summit