Summit Day One: Thursday December 03rd, 2015

15:00 Check-In in the RUSSELIOR Hotel & SPA Hamammet

15:30 Registration

Opening ceremony

17:00 Safety Instructions

17:05 Welcome Addresses

  • Mr. Mohamed AKROUT, President & CEO “ETAP”
  • Mr. Robert SANDOR, Chief Operating Officer “Mazarine Energy”

17:30 Opening Panel Session

  • Mr. Ezzedine KHALFALLAH, President “ATPG”
  • Mr. Imed DEROUICH, General Manager “Petrofac”
  1. Leadership in the 21st Century – Aligning Culture, Communication and Competence
    Mr. Nejib ZAAFRANI, International Senior Executive Advisor
  2. Technology and Performance
    Ms. Hinda GHARBI, President WL “Schlumberger”
  3. Socially Responsible ETAP & CSR
    Mr. Yassine MESTIRI, Vice-President “ETAP”

18:30 Honorary Awards professional Recognition

19:00 Presentation of the Summit Agenda

Exhibition Opening

19:30 Dinner

Summit Day Two: Friday December 4th, 2015

08:00 Breakfast

08:30 Keynote Session 2: Exploration Activities and Success Story
  • Mr. Bernhard SCHLAGER, General Manager “OMV”
  • Mr. Hammouda BOUBAKER, Deputy General Manager “CFTP”
  1. Exploration Success in a Historically Overlooked License
    Mr. Robert SANDOR, Chief Operating Officer “Mazarine Energy”
  2. Low-Cost Non-Seismic Methods for Hydrocarbon Exploration
    Mr. Mohamed Hedi INOUBLI, Lecturer “University of Tunis-El Manar”
09:45 Keynote Session 3: Unconventional Resources in The Euro-Mediterranean Region
  • Dr. Trent REHILL, President “Winstar Tunisia BV.”
  • Mr. Naoufel GHARIENI, General Manager “Cooper Energy”
  1. After Eastern Europe disappointing results, What about North Africa shale Gas potential?
    Mr. Mohamed ZINE, Regional Director “IHS”
  2. Energy Policy Formulation and Its Impact on Energy Security: The North African Case
    Dr. Sohbet KARBUZ, Director of Hydrocarbons “OME”

10:35 Coffee Break Served in the Exhibition Area

10:50 Keynote Session 4: Field Management
  • Mr. Anes SNOUSSI, General Manager “Sch lumberger”
  • Mr. Ridha HAMMAMI, Operations & Production Manager “A.P.O”
  1. How Procedure & Process in Production Technologies can Improve Production & Reduce Costs Using Life Cycle Approach
    Mr. Fariborz KAVOUSSI, Lead Production Technologist “OMV
  2. Produced Water Disposal: An Integrated Approach
    Mr. Haithem BEN HASSEN, Project Manager “Winstar Tunisia BV.”
  3. Impact of Structural Uncertainties on Gross Rock Volume, Case study
    Mr. Akram OURIR, Junior Reservoir Geophysicist “OMV”

12:15 Lunch

13:45 Keynote Session 5: Improved Oil Recovery
  • Mr. Jamil HAMZA, General Manager “Ecumed Petroleum”
  • Ms. Besma SELLAMI, Well Engineering Team Leader “BG Tunisia”
  1. Gaining More With Less, Blue Orca stimulation
    Mr. Ahmed EL FEGI, Product Line Manager “Baker Hughes”
  2. AOFP Estimation of a Gas Well with the Aid of a Formation Tester in the Absence of OH Data
    Mr. John ZAGGAS, Senior Reservoir Engineer “Schlumberger”
15:15 Keynote Session 6: The Latest Technology & Innovation  in Oil and Gas
  • Mr. Mongi AZOUZ, International E&P Consultant
  • Mr. Lotfi FOURATI, Senior Manager “Medco Energi”
  1. Zarat Development Project
    Mr. Yassine MESTIRI, Vice-President “ETAP”
    Mr. Mohamed BOUGACHA, Senior Project Engineer “ETAP”
  2. Capillary Lift Systems
    Mr. Rabie HASSAN, MENA GL/CAP/PL Product Line Manager “Weatherford”
  3. Fracturing Fluid Water-Conformance Fracturing Fluid
    Mr. Tayeb KHETIB, Petro-Technical Engineer “Schlumberger”

16:20 Coffee Break Served in the Exhibition Area

16:40 Keynote Session 7: The Oil Price Collapse and Consequence for The Oil and Gas Sector
  • Mr. Mongi HAFFOUZ, General Manager “Gulfsands”
  • Ms. Afef CHALLOUF, Manager “STEG”
  1. Low Oil Prices 2014-2015 in a New Energy World
    Mr. Francis PERRIN, President “Stratégies et Politiques Energétiques”
  2. A Review of the Upstream Fiscal Terms in North Africa
    Mr. Akil ZAIMI, Senior Fellow Researcher “KAPSARC”

19:30 Gala Dinner

Summit Day Three: Saturday December 5th, 2015

08:00 Breakfast

08:45 Keynote Session 8: Health, Safety, Security and Environment
  • Mr. Michel PICK, General Manager “DNO”
  • Mr. Mohamed CHAABOUNI, Managing Director “Vivo Energy”
  1. Human Factors in Accidents
    Mr. Hammadi HBAILI, HSE Manager “Double H Group”
  2. Environmental Issues & Water Management in Shale Oil& Gas Development.
    Mr. Ali GAAYA, International E&P Consultant
  3. Driving Safety Management
    Ms. Latifa EL BELDI, Country HSSE Manager “Schlumberger”

10:00 Keynote Session 9: Summit Workshop & Quiz  Competition


  • Mr. Hédi NEGRA, Professor “Tunis-El Manar University ”
  • Ms. Chedia AROUA, Geophysics Engineer “ETAP”
  1. Geological Interpretation, Development and Perspectives of a Productive Oil Field in SW Tunisia
    Mr. Mohamed Amine HAMMAMI, Student Engineer “Tunis El Manar University”
  2. Co-authors: Mr. Fethi GHADDAB, Technical Central Manager “SITEP”;
    Mr. Abdelatif TOUIL “SITEP” & Mr. Mohsen RABHI “Tunis El Manar University”
  3. The Main Factors Controlling the Reservoir Potential in a Productive Onshore Oil Field in Central Tunisia
    Ms. Fatma GHARBI, Student Engineer “Tunis El Manar University”
    Co-authors: Ms. Hanen TORKHANI “SEREPT” & Mr. Mohamed Hédi NEGRA, Professor “Tunis El Manar University”

11:00 Keynote Session 10: Corporate Social Responsibility «CSR» The Next Step for the Sustainable Development


  • Ms. Radhia BEN JEMIA, GM Advisor “OMV”
  • Mr. Naoufel KHABTHANI, Deputy General Manager “SMIP”
  1. CSR Contribution in Regional Development within “Public-Private Partnership”
    Mr. Mehdi MEJDOUB, Manager “ACT”
  2. OMV Tunisia «CSR» Projects
    Mr. Abdel Hafidh CHAIBI, CSR Advisor “OMV”
  3. The Rhetoric and Realities of «CSR» in Sabria
    Ms. Asma BEN YAHIA, CSR Advisor “Winstar Tunisia BV.”

12:15 Closing Remarks & Discussion

Awards Ceremony

12:45 Lunch

TOG Summit wishes all delegates fruitful work and success and is certain that The 4th TOGS 2014 will provide an excellent platform for the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships and business contacts.

Tunisia Oil & Gas Summit