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15:00 Check-In in the Radisson Blu Resort & Thalasso Hamammet

15:30 Registration

Opening ceremony

17:00 Safety Instructions

17:05 Welcome Addresses

  • The President & CEO “ETAP”
  • The Minister of Energy, Mines & Renewable Energies

17:35 Opening Round Table

Moderator :

  • Mr. Nejib ZAAFARANI, International Senior Executive Advisor
  1. Tunisia’s Fragile Transition: Outlook for Oil & Gas Dr. Carole NAKHLE, CEO “Crystol Energy
  2. The Success Story of Mazarine in Tunisia & the New Opportunities Ahead Mr. Edward VAN KERSBERGEN, CEO “Mazarine Energy BV”
  3. Updates on Nawara Gas Project Mr. Abdelwaheb KHAMMEASSI, Deputy CEO “ETAP”
  4. Investment Challenges in Current Market (Lower Crude Prices) Mr. Erwin KROELL, Senior Vice President Middle East & Africa “OMV”
  5. Energy Regional Perspective Dr. Houda ALLAL, General Director “OME”
  6. How to Promote the Good Governance of the Oil & Gas Sector through Pursuing Transparency & Accountability? Ms. Diana KAISSY, Executive Director “Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative”

18:45 Honorary Professional Recognition Awards

19:00 Presentation of TOGS 2017 Summit Agenda

Exhibition Opening
19:20 Cocktail

20:00 Dinner


08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Keynote Session 2: New Prospects to Optimize Exploration
  • Dr. Trent REHILL, President “Winstar Tunisia BV.”
  • Mr. Jalel SMAOUI, Central Director “ETAP”
  1. The Petroleum Geology and New Hydrocarbon Potential in Tahara and Mrar Formations, Ghadames Basin, SW Libya Mr. Salah S. EL-EKHFIFI, Geologist “NOC Libya”
  2. Integrated Reservoir Modeling  Case Study: Middle – Upper Ordovician Sandstone Reservoirs in Bir Ben Tartar Field Ms. Nouha BOUSSOFFARA, Reservoir Geologist “ETAP”
  3. Ordovician Tight Gas Potential in Ghadames Basin: Integrated Evaluation Approach Dr. Habib TROUDI, Exploration Geoscience Team Leader “OMV”


  • Mr. Jamil HAMZA, General Manager “ECUMED”
  • Mr. Hassan EL EUCHI, Exploration Studies Director “ETAP”
  1. High Fidelity Seismic For Exploration & Development Purposes Mr. Philippe BERTRAND, Director of North Africa Geomarket “CGG”
  2. Exploration Potential of El Borma Fault Splay: Insight from Recent 3D Seismic Data Set Mr. Ferid ADOUANI, Senior Geophysicist “OMV”
  3. Integrated Petrophysical Study on Acacus Formation (South Tunisia) Ms. Sana GARCI, Reservoir Geologist “ETAP”

10:00 Coffee Break Served in the Exhibition Area

10:15 Keynote Session 3: From Data to Information
  • Mr. Jamel LAZREG, General Manager “Medco Energi”
  • Mr. Ali CHINE, General Manager “Circle Oil”
  1. The Role of Big Data in the Oil and Gas Industry Dr. Hossein HASSANI, Statistical Systems Coordinator “OPEC”
  2. New Data Management Technologies Applied to Oil & Gas Industry Mr. Salim HACHANA, Drilling Engineer/Data Management Professional
  3. The National Data Bank Serving the Algerian Energy Sector Strategy Mr. Réda BADACHE, Computer Sciences Engineer “Schlumberger”

11:30 Keynote Session 4: Mature Fields Management

  • Mr. Naoufel GHARIENI, General Manager “Dragon Oil”
  • Mr. Rached HACHEMI, General Manager “SODEPS”
  1. Mature Fields Management Mr. Erwin KROELL, Senior Vice President Middle East & Africa “OMV”
  2. Plug & Abandonment of Wells Ms. Salma CHAABANI, Business Development Manager “Baker Hughes”
  3. Thin Clad, Live Well Workover, Fishbones Jetting Technology, Open Hole Swell Packer Completions & Reeled ESP Technology Mr. Arjan VOS, General Manager “Falcon OFS”
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Keynote Session 5: Asset Management


  • Mr. Robert SANDOR, Chief Operating Officer “Mazarine Energy”
  • Mr. Chokri CHIBOUB, Hasdrubal Subsurface Team leader “SHELL”
  1. Adapting Reservoir Modelling to the New Normal Set by the Current Downturn in the Oil and Gas Industry Mr. Raffik LAZAR, General Manager “GeomodL International”
  2. RTWS – Real Time Well Surveillance Project Integrated Solution: The First Initiative toward Digital Oil Field Integrated Solution in North Africa. Mr. Imad BENDJEDIA, Project Manager “Schlumberger”
  3. Rigless ESP Technology-CTESP Mr. Chahine BAHRI, Production Manager “OMV”

15:30 Coffee Break Served in the Exhibition Area 

15:45 Keynote Session 6: Technology: A Key Element in the E&P


  • Mr. Reza MERED, General Manager “PERENCO”
  • Mr. Mongi AZOUZ, Oil & Gas International Expert
  1. Optical Vertical Seismic – a Solution for Life of Well? Dr. Pierre BETTINELLI, Africa Borehole Geophysics Domain Champion    “Schlumberger”
  2. Technology: a Key Element in the E&P of Conventional & Unconventional Reservoirs Mr. Ali GAAYA, Hydrocarbon E&P International Consultant
  3. Unlock Flow Assurance Production challenges Using Steady and Transient Multiphase Simulation Ms. Ines GRAA, Production Engineer “Schlumberger”


16:45 Keynote Session 7: Collaboration with Universities: Current R&D in Tunisia in Relation with Oil & Gas



  • Mr. Naoufel KHABTHANI, Deputy General Manager “SMIP”
  • Mr. Hédi NEGRA, Professor “Tunis El Manar University”
  1. Numerical Simulation Study of Parameters related to Bitumen Recovery with Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery Method: Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage Ms. Raoua BEN JEDDY, Student Engineer “Faculty of Sciences – Tunis”
  2. Geological Aspects and Performance Assessment Using the Material Balance Method Case Study of a Reservoir in Sfax Mr. Bacem BEN ELHABEL, Student Engineer “National School of Engineers – Sfax”

20:00 Gala Dinner


08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Keynote Session 8: Health, Safety, Security & Environment Challenges and Lessons Learnt


  • Mr. Wilhelm SACKMAIER, General Manager “OMV”
  • Ms. Radhia BEN JEMIA, Development Manager “TPS”
  1. Health, Safety & Environment Challenges and Lessons Learned Ms. Diana KAISSY, Executive Director “Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative”
  2. HSE for Youth – Reinforcing an HSE Culture to Employees, Families and Communities in the Oil and Gas Industry Ms. Latifa EL BELDI, NAF HSE T&C “Schlumberger”

09:50 Keynote Session 9: Legal Frame for Unconventional Resources Development Project


  • Mr. Hamouda BOUBAKER, DGM “CFTP”
  • Mr. Naceur YAICH, Certified Public Accountant
  1. Legal Framework for Unconventional Oil & Gas Radia SEDAOUI, Chief of the Energy Section “ESCWA”
  2. Legal Frame for Unconventional Resources Development Project: The Algerian Experience  Dr. Djamel BEKKOUCHE, International Consultant
  3. Thinking a Framework for Producing Unconventional Reservoirs in Tunisia  Mr. Hichem MANSOUR, General Manager “HOSN Consulting”

11:05 Coffee Break Served in the Exhibition Area

11:20 Keynote Session 10: Investment Challenges in Current Market Conditions (Lower Crude Prices)

Chairmen :

  • Ms. Sirine TAJER, Managing Director “MENA Energy Partners”
  • Mr. Ramzi BOUCHAMAOUI, Vice President “Bouchamaoui Industries”
  1. Using Composite Value to Unlock Potential Mr. Hatem RAKROUKI, President “SunTest Energy Services” |  Mr. John HOLLOWAY, Strategic Advisor “SunTest Energy Services”
  2. Impact of Low Oil Prices on InvestmentsMs. Radia SEDAOUI, Chief of the Energy Section “ESCWA”

12:10 Closing Remarks & Discussion


12:30 Lunch